Do your part
Dear Brother/ Sister, we are Rift Valley Global Mission (RVGM) working and
coordinating Evangelism and Church planting through Holistic approach in Ethiopia
and other Africa countries. Our vision is to see evangelized, healthy and productive
community of Ethiopia, other Africa countries and the Middle East .We do this by
Emancipate mankind from the bondage of evil spirit through the word of God
proclaims the Good News to ritual cult (believing in tree, which crafts, rock , rivers,
etc) dominated people in different communities. We pray that join us in this life
saving mission in prayer, financial assistance, material donation, advice, or in
forwarding our vision to friends and organization in Jesus Christ.

The work of God in Ethiopia is tremendously exciting, overwhelming at times, and
equally challenging. As you may already know, the need for food, water, security,
education and medical assistance is unending. Two key concerns facing the local
missionary are: “How do I care for the needs of my family?” and “How do we sustain
the work of God?” In the midst of this season, the missionaries seem to be
accomplishing even more than one would think possible. Many new converts have
been added to the Church and new churches have been planted, but the issues of
discipleship and leadership development have not been fully addressed.

There is a great need to faithfully stand with our missionary partners as they trust
God to supply their needs and equip the Body of Christ to sustain the ever-
expanding work. That is why your prayerful support is desperately needed!
This is the season of Kingdom investment, as it has been for every season since
Jesus was resurrected. He promised to be with us always, and He promised that the
Church would never be overcome. As we stand together, He will continue to use us
to reveal to a suffering world the miracle of family. To God is the glory.

Please, be with us in with all your mind, heart, soul, hands, and talents and in your
God given gifts and resources to serve Him. Let us work together for the liberation of
those in darkness and the triumph of the kingdom and stand firm for the eternal goal
of the Gospel.

Contribution In Any Aspect For Rift Valley Global Mission

Here at Rift Valley Global Mission, we have the joy of reaching out and matching the
passions which God has placed in your hearts with the needs of our brothers and
sisters overseas. By combining the passions of your hearts to fulfill those needs, we
are releasing local missionaries to more fully step into the calling God has placed in
their hearts. There are many ways to partner with Local missionaries through Rift
Valley Global Mission.

CONNECT. We provide opportunities for you to connect with Local missionaries in a
personal manner. For example, individuals and churches can host visiting Local

ENGAGE. Once you, or your church, or your friends learn how God is using Local
missionaries in His plan of world evangelization and become connected in some
way with one or more Local missionaries, we seek to help you become more fully
engaged in their work for the Lord. In this section of the site, you will be introduced
to ways you can engage with what God is doing to reach the remaining unreached.

SPONSOR. Share God’s love with sponsoring a Local missionary or a child. Many
people are asking, “How can I best use my limited funds to help for missions?” We
firmly believe that sponsorship of Local missionaries and children represents one of
the most economical and fruitful ways to maximize you’re giving for world

evangelism. Advancing Local Missions offers you two different sponsorship
OPPORTUNITIES: sponsor a Local missionary or sponsor a needy child. By
equipping a Local missionary or providing for the needs of a child, you have the
opportunity to make an investment that will last for eternity.

We seek to establish, strengthen, and maintain relationships between the sponsors
and the individual missionaries whom we serve. We also desire to encourage each
sponsor by providing them with up-to-date material as they support abandoned
children and indigenous missionaries, so each sponsor receives an initial packet
regarding their missionary or child. This packet includes a biography, photo, and
other relevant information. Sponsors are also supplied with updates on a regular
basis. We are proud to be your personal link to Local missionaries and children.

PRAY. More than anything else, the hundreds of Local missionaries whom we are
privileged to serve need your prayers. The three words, pray, give, go, are not just a
routine and clever logo. They mark the path that leads to genuine and Christ-
honoring advocacy. It all begins with prayer. Pray for the people who are on the
receiving end of the ministry of Local missionaries. Ask God to open their hearts and
minds to receive the truth that is being shared with them.

GIVE. The heart of all our efforts is securing the regular support for Local
missionaries. We also advocate for many critical projects in support of each of our
Local missionary partners. Go. Every year, we facilitate opportunities for you, your
church, small groups, or friends to serve alongside Local missionaries and
experience firsthand the work that God is doing through their ministries. Use the gifts
He has given you for His service on these trips including: construction, pastoral
skills, teaching, and medical care.

VOLUNTEER. If you are looking for an opportunity to use your skills and talents to
impact God’s kingdom, please consider serving with us: documentation work,
sharing the stories of our mission’s program partners and Local missionaries, giving
skill training for our staff like computer database work and more.

We depend on God to provide the needs of the ministry and the support of our
missionaries. We are not endowed or backed by any organization or denomination.
As God burdens churches and Christian friends to give, we continue in the work.

All contributions are promptly receipted and acknowledged. The records of receipts
and expenditures are carefully kept in the Rift Valley Global Mission. Accountant are
keeping the finance according to standard bookkeeping methods, and are audited
yearly by an accredited auditor.