Welcome to Rift Valley Global
Rift Valley Global Mission (RVGM) is a none - profit Christian ministry
founded in Ethiopia for the purpose of reaching the unreached people
groups through the true Gospel, Empowering Church leaders to bring about
positive transformation in the World, helping the poorest children to get

Every minute of every day, RIFT VALLEY GLOBAL MISSION is extending
its influence somewhere around Africa and Middle East countries. Our
headquarters is found in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa and we have brunch office
in other regional state of the country.
Currently Rift Valley Global Mission has supporting 102 local missionaries
in Ethiopia, North Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, Somalia and
Eritrea. We invite you to plug into the blessings of being a part of what God
is doing through RIFT VALLEY GLOBAL MISSION by your prayers, your
investment, and your personal participation.
We invite you to visit our offices and our mission’s activities in the country.
You can take a tour, meet our staff, and see missionary’s activities in the
field. You will be surprised at how extensive our ministry is and the
opportunities that you can have to take part in helping RIFT VALLEY
GLOBAL MISSION and you can know how to work in partnership with US.