The birth to the vision was like this. While Brother Gezhange Asmamaw
(Now Pastor Dr Gezahegn Asmamaw) was ministering to Shashemene
Mesert Kiristos church, he was praying and asking God to send him to
Northern part of Ethiopia (this group of people are Coptic Church
members) so that he could preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to them.
Instead in 1998, God showed him the Muslim society and told him that
He wants to save these people from eternal damnation. God also told
him that he (Gezahegn) will be a designer or strategist in the house of
God to reach them in the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. In a vision, God
gave Gezahegn a ruler to one of his hands and to the other a Bible.
Although Gezahegn Knew that God was speaking to him, he had a
question how this would have come true because he did not have
Secondly, Gezahegn did not have any clue to this particular religious
group because he never heard about them until he was 17 years old let
alone going to them and preach the Gospel to them.
Thirdly, he never thought of preaching the gospel to this community.
Although these questions run around his head with all kinds of
ambiguity, Gezahegn decided to take action and obey God. Hence, the
vision is not of man’s ingenuity but of God given vision and Gezahegn is
just a vessel that is entrusted with the vision it. For the first time,
Gezahegn disclosed the gist of his vision to church leaders in February
2000 in Shashemene.




The work of God in Ethiopia is tremendously exciting, overwhelming at
times, and equally challenging. As you may already know, the need for
food, water, security, education and medical assistance is unending.
Two key concerns facing the local missionary are: “How do I care for the
needs of my family?” and “How do we sustain the work of God?” In the
midst of this season, the missionaries seem to be accomplishing even
more than one would think possible. Many new converts have been
added to the Church and new churches have been planted, but the
issues of discipleship and leadership development have not been fully
Our vision is to see evangelized, healthy and productive Society. We do
this by Emancipating mankind from the bondage of evil spirit through
the word of God. We Call you join us in this life saving mission in
prayer, financial assistance, material donation, advice, or in forwarding
our vision to friends and organization in Jesus Christ. Let us work
together for the liberation of those in darkness and the triumph of the
kingdom and stand firm for the eternal goal of the Gospel.
Praise to the Almighty Lord to whom everything is possible and who
opened this closed door to His good news in our last many years’
ministry through many hardships. Now the door is open but as the Lord

Jesus Christ said, the laborers are few, especially well trained ministers
and leaders, who can take responsibility of the task for its sustainability
and continuity. Now as the vision grew, we are in need of more partners
in Ethiopia and abroad. It is the time to arise as one in partnership to
mobilize African churches, equipping and sending missionaries to
Africa, Middle East and Israel.
The next step in our vision is to join in partnership with like – minded
Ethiopia and other Africa churches, mission’s organizations, Ministries
and Individuals to encourage evangelism and church planting across
Africa, Middle East and Israel. We believe that together we can reach
Africa, Middle East and Israel. That is why we give a name RIFT VALLEY
GLOBAL MISSION. We need to work hard hand in hand.
To see unreached people groups in Africa, Middle East and Israel, being
evangelized, and their communities getting access to basic education, health
care and provision of food which enables them to be productive and
successful community.
To take the gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups in Africa and
Middle East countries (AMEC) by mobilizing churches to adopt UPGs, raising
Champion disciples for world evangelization, raising emerging leaders and
children evangelism through Holistic approach.


1. PARTNERSHIP: mutual responsibility, Authority, contribution &
benefits. Doing what is best for the kingdom of God as a whole,
working with mutual trust and collaboration with our partners.
2. INTEGRITY: honesty and fairness
3. ACCOUNTABILTY: high performance expectation and accountable
for the quality of our missions and the result.
4. OPPRTUNITY: ability to see and seize opportunity.
5. LEARNING: continues carrier development.
1. To develop local & international networking and partnership for
the great commission and great compassion.
2. Evangelism & church planting among un reached people groups
in Ethiopia & others countries by supporting & sending local,
National & International missionaries in partnership with local
3. Mobilize the body of Christ for world evangelization.
4. Children Evangelism through children holistic development
5. Education and training by using our college.
6. Peace building and conflict resolution among the church and the
7. Supporting vulnerable children and women including disables